Shoes will be placed upon your feet to designate your freedom, for only slaves go without shoes.


shoe” is not just the thing I wear on my foot; it is the symbol of the spirit of ‘let me do it for you’. For the shoe takes upon itself not only the dirt and the muck that would normally fall upon the wearer’s foot, but it protects the wearer from any contact with the outer world, and so anyone who offers to do for us what we should do, and could do far better ourselves, is offering himself as our shoe, and if I would awaken spiritually I must do it for myself.

I must take my own mind and control it – take my wonderful imagination and actually control it and set it to noble purposes and not have some intermediary come between myself and God. For the God of this world is an internal God. He is that inevitable force that expresses in outward facts the latent tendencies of the soul, and so, if I would discover that God I cannot have you do my work for me. I cannot have you eat my spiritual food and expect to grow spiritually.

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