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March 14, 2016 // Prezi

But who do you say that I am? … You are the Christ.

Blog: Above and below

A diagram by Holger, May 2015

Blog: Faith

For ye walk by faith, not by sight.

Blog: man of the senses is interlocked with his environment

… the inner, or spiritual, man of imagination is not thus interlocked.

Blog: Jerusalem

But there is another birth – a birth into freedom – which is essential, for unless you are born from above you cannot enter the kingdom of God.

Blog: Right Identification

God’s Law, God’s Promise, my kingdom and this world.

Blog: Christ = Power and Wisdom of God

Taylor Wilson ~ 14 year old builds working nuclear fusion reactor in garage.

Blog: Christ in you …

In incubating mode …

Blog: The Gospel according to …

Please feel free to replace terms like “God” with other words that have meaning to you; words are tools, not idols.

Blog: Garden of Gethsemane

… Spend some time daily in preparing your mind by reading good literature, listening to good music and entering into conversations that ennoble …

Blog: Incubating Taxonomies

… so that pointing to the Truth becomes easily digestible and obvious …

Blog: Hello World

Different ways to get here …

Blog: Slave And Free

… The son of the slave was born according to the flesh, the son of the free woman by the promise. …

Blog: 12 Disciples

All the storms and confusions
that engulf man can be traced
directly to these twelve ill-related
characteristics of the human mind
in its present slumbering state.

Blog: Self-Imprisoned Or Self-Freed

The awareness of being is the door through which the manifestations of life pass into the world of form.

Blog: God – Jesus

… let me state the two outstanding names of the Bible: the one you and I translate as GOD or JEHOVAH, and the one we call his son, which we have as JESUS.

Blog: Jesus

… the man, in whom the will of God is fulfilled.

Blog: Paul’s Story

Paul knew he had awakened from the dream of life, but could not share his experiences with others except in words.

Blog: Imperative Passive Mood

… a command directed to you, yet not enacted directly by you.

Blog: Shoe

“shoe” is not just the thing I wear on my foot; it is the symbol of the spirit of ‘let me do it for you’…

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