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“Truth is not a cluster of concepts.”

The following ideas are not cast into stone; they are intended as pointers, as inspirations for my own study. Send me an email, if you like. Let’s look together:

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above -  above = spirit, invisible
Abraham -  The state of faith. // His name is changed from Abram - which means “exalted Father” to Abraham - which means “father of the multitude.” The change occurred when the letter “He” was added. This letter carries the symbol of grace. So grace was put into the name to indicate that God had given himself to his creation (the work of his hand.) Putting the gift of grace into the name of the father of the multitudes, the journey begins.
adulteress -  ... turn away from the Truth.
- Synonyms: adulterer, adultery
adultress -  adultress - turn away from the Truth
- Synonyms: adultery
Allegory -  "Allegory is a device in which characters or events represent or symbolize ideas and concepts. Allegory has been used widely throughout the history of art, and in all forms of artwork. A reason for this is that allegory has an immense power of illustrating complex ideas and concepts in a digestible, concrete way. In allegory a message is communicated by means of symbolic figures, actions or symbolic representation."
Amorites -  ~doing things the way you have always done them and getting the same results…~
angel -  a messenger of God
Apostle -  Apostle = "the one who is called and sent" / experiences.

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