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“Truth is not a cluster of concepts.”

The following ideas are not cast into stone; they are intended as pointers, as inspirations for my own study. Send me an email, if you like. Let’s look together:

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Father -  "We have identified the ‘father’ to be the awareness of being. We have also identified the ‘door’ to be the awareness of being." // "God the Father is not a man, but the dominant idea that you serve." // Father (the state desired).
- Synonyms: door
fear -  revere = feel deep respect or admiration for (something) // fear = an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.
- Synonyms: revere
first-hand -  First-hand is actually doing or seeing whatever it is. Second-hand is that person with the first-hand knowledge telling you. Third-hand is that second-hand person telling you, and so on...
- Synonyms: First-hand
fishing -  [exploring my being]
flesh -  flesh = eating the flesh = absorbing the teaching; not yet born of the spirit
- Synonyms: eating the flesh
foot -  wherever he places his foot = understanding

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