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“Truth is not a cluster of concepts.”

The following ideas are not cast into stone; they are intended as pointers, as inspirations for my own study. Send me an email, if you like. Let’s look together:

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Canaanite -  Esau had to marry the Canaanite, and the word means, “that which would humiliate,” but whom did Jacob marry - that which came out of Laban – the ideal of the world. The “garments” marry the Canaanite.
Child -  Little child = wisdom; an infant; a term of endearment.
- Synonyms: little child
Christ -  Pure Awareness. // Christ the power of God and the wisdom of God. 1 Corinthians 1:24 // Christ, all of humanity fused into one being. // All you need to know is Christ. // God's companion in the creation of the world. // Paul was the first to use the word “Christ,” which is the word “messiah” and means “God has touched; made contact.”
- Synonyms: messiah
Christianity -  The Fatherhood of God, The Brotherhood of Man, And Life everlasting.
circumcision -  Circumcision is the operation which removes the veil that hides the head of creation. The physical act has nothing to do with the spiritual act. // In short, the removing of the belief that you are man reveals your awareness as the head of creation. Man is the foreskin hiding the head of creation. I AM the lord hidden by the veil of man.
- Synonyms: circumcised, uncircumcised
City of God -  [your Spiritual Selfhood]
comfort -  ... by comfort the Bible means the experience of the Presence of God, which is the end of all mourning.
- Synonyms: comforter
contrast -  Dictionary: the state of being strikingly different from something else, typically something in juxtaposition or close association.
- Synonyms: contrasting
Cornerstone -  Cornerstone = " The drama of life is psychological. You bring circumstances to pass by your attitudes, not your acts. The cornerstone upon which all things are based is your concept of self. You act as you do and have the experiences you have because of your concept of self and for no other reason."
covenant -  [dict] an agreement that brings about a relationship of commitment between God and his people.
cross -  "The being who is crucified is your awareness of being. The cross is your conception of yourself."
crown -  Crown = Highest mind

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