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“Truth is not a cluster of concepts.”

The following ideas are not cast into stone; they are intended as pointers, as inspirations for my own study. Send me an email, if you like. Let’s look together:

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I AM -  I is indicative of a consciousness, not of a person. I exist. // “I AM (aware of) that (which) I AM.” // The Hebrew word for "I AM" is 'ehyeh, which comes from the verb "to be."
idolatry -  "Idolatry is not the use of images, but confusing them with what they represent, and in this respect mental images and lofty abstractions can be more insidious than bronze idols."
- Synonyms: idols, idol
Imagination -  "Certain words in the course of long use gather so many strange connotations that they almost cease to mean anything at all. Such a word is imagination." (more)
Immanuel -  Immanuel means “God is with us.”
Imminence -  “sooner than now and nearer than here.”
Introspection -  "the examination or observation of one's own mental and emotional processes: quiet introspection can be extremely valuable."
Isaac -  Isaac = he laughs
Ishmael -  Ishmael = God has heard
Israel -  "Israel = the man that rules as God." // "Israelite = called, chosen; of any race, any nation." [the mind of man] // Now, an Israelite is not a descendant of Abraham after the flesh, but the elect of God of any nation.
- Synonyms: Israelite

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